Monday, April 23, 2007

Summer Blockbusters Part I

Here is a close look at the first half of this summer's blockbusters.


SPIDER-MAN 3- For me this is the biggest release of the summer blockbusters. I grew up watching old Spider-Man reel-to-reels and collecting Spider-man comic books. With the introduction of the villain Venom, this sequel should be one for the books. Besides a new, great villain, we actually get to see a side of Spider-man where he doesn't always make the "right" decisions. We get to see his best friend turn into the New Goblin and get a great villain in The Sandman. The cast is phenomenal with the usual suspects plus Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church, and Bryce Dallas Howard.
I expect this to be in the top 3 grossing films (if not the top) of the summer and to possible set some records. Seeing this one.

Shrek The Third- Let me preface this by stating that I'm not a big fan of animated films. With that said, I also know that Shrek is one of those that has "adult" humor, one reason the franchise has been so popular. Without seeing the first two Shrek movies, I probably still know everything about them. My gut tells me this one will most do very well the first few weeks, but let's be realistic here; how well do comedies do with a third installment? I'm not sure Shrek needed a third, but I expect it to do well this summer. Skipping this one.

Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End- Look, the second Pirates was a huge disappointment and if you disagree with me, please prove me wrong (because I can list at least 10 things wrong with this film). Unfortunately people are stupid and even if they hated the second one, will feel it is necessary to see this movie so they have closure on the last one. My guess people will be very upset because this movie will fail to deliver and will disappoint just like the second one. This franchise jumped the shark about 10 minutes into the second movie. Skipping this one.


Hostel 2- To be honest the first movie was very odd. It seemed to be two separate movies with the first half being more like Eurotrip with beer and tits and the second half being more like Saw with gruesome deaths. However I felt the movie was very enjoyable. The second installment should be basically the same movie with a different cast. The keys for success, no, but the movie has some pretty good hype. It's movie posters are stirring a buzz which is good for the film. My favorite poster (which was pulled) being the one with Bijou Phillips naked holding her own head. Great stuff. Seeing this one.

Ocean's 13- Seriously. How can you make an Ocean's 13? Pretty soon we will have Ocean's 25 starring the same cast plus a clone of George Cloney. because there are no more A-list movie stars to put in the movie. The original Ocean's 11 was actually a quality movie with the remake not being all that bad. Ocean's 12 was just plan bad and Ocean's 13 will be worse. Skipping this one.

Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer- The best thing about the first movie was Jessica Alba and the only good thing about the second movie will be Jessica Alba. I don't think there was one person who thought the first movie was a hit, did it even break even? Who ever the studio exec is on giving this movie the green light should be fired and replaced with a donkey, because they are a jackass. I guess they don't have to spend money on another actor because the Silver Surfer is computer animated, oh, oh did I give it away. Skipping this one.

Evan Almighty- A sequel to Bruce Almighty? I never thought they could make a sequel to Bruce Almighty, but they did. Why? My guess is because Steve Carell has become a big star. The safe thing about this movie is that Evan will not get Godly powers like the first, but instead God tells Evan to build an ark. I'm sure we will get tons of laughs out of this one. Seeing this one.

Live Free or Die Hard - I never thought they would make another Die Hard movie. Bruce Willis has to be of retirement age. Besides no cop can keep blowing up bad guys in his 50's. I cannot imagine the story line to be that great. After all we already know some "fake" terrorists will try and steal some money and McClane will kill each one, of course one by one in tragic fashion. I'll go see this one only because John McClane is a badass (even though he is a fictional character).

Is it me or are all these movies sequels?


Fitz said...

Spider-Man 3 should be the bomb. It's the best superhero franchise going, except for the 'Batman Begins' series. 'Batman Begins' is better than every other superhero movie combined.

Shrek the Third: Whatever.

Pirates 3: The second one SUCKED. Screw this one.

Oceans 13: The Ocean's 11 remake was awesome, Ocean's 12 was the suck, but it's in Vegas again, so I'll see it.

F4-Silver Surfer: Fantastic Four sucked, but the Silver Surfer is pretty cool and I'd assume the filmmakers would fix a lot of the flaws. I might see this one.

Live Free or Die Hard: Is that seriously the title? How about Die Hard 4? Or 'Die Hard With A Vengeance 2'?

CalvinPitt said...

As a comics geek I'll go see Spider-Man 3 and Fantastic Four 2. The others, probably not. Rather than go to Die Hard 4, I'll just wait for Indiana Jones 4, to fill my "action movie series that should not be on a 4th movie".

For the record, IMDB says Fantastic Four made 150 million in the U.S. and cost about 100 million. Probably not a great investment, but not horrible.

flyno20 said...

CalvinPitt beat me to it, but Fantastic Four definitely wasn't a flop. It was just a terrible film. Still, i wanna see the second one...Silver Surfer seems cool, and I used him a lot on that Marvel game that came out 6 months ago.

Spider-Man will be cool, Shrek will suck, and apparently I am the only one who liked PotC 2, maybe because i didn't really love the first one

Ocean's 13 will be great entertainment! I liked Ocean's 12.

Evan Almighty will probably be average and i have never seen any of the Die Hard films.