Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sports Stuff

-I know it's early in the season, but despite the Cardinals' slow start, how smart does Walt Jocketty look for passing on Jeff Weaver and his 15.75 ERA? Or for passing on Jason Schmidt and his monster contract? Or for signing Kip Wells to a reasonable contract? Or for believing that Braden Looper could be transitioned into being a starter?

-Cubs suck.

-What are the odds that Jeff Weaver gets DFA'd and we pick him up just like we did last year? My hope is zero, because Jeff Weaver can suck it.

-How funny is it that at one point, NBA scouts were saying "We've had the Mikan era, the Russell era, the Kareem era and now we'll have the Ewing era."?

-Here's how I want the Yankees season to play out: A-Rod breaks Barry Bonds' single season home run record (in effect, also breaking the former records of Yankees icons Babe Ruth and Roger Maris). Then, I want the Yankees to lose in the ALDS to the A's due to multiple Derek Jeter errors and a Mariano Rivera blown save, despite A-Rod's heroic .583 batting average and 1.2 OPS in that series. Finally, I want A-Rod to opt out of his contract, and play right field for the Cardinals. At a discount, of course.

-Finally, this is how I want the NBA playoffs to play out: In the first round, no upsets at all except for one big one: Warriors defeat Mavs. In the second round, Miami upsets the Pistons, Cavs beat Raptors, Jazz beat Warriors, and Spurs beat the Suns. Third round: Spurs destroy Jazz, Miami beats Cavs. And then I don't care who wins Spurs vs. Heat, I just want to watch it.


flyno20 said...

I think New york fans hating a-rod is the best possible thing for the rest of the US.

I have always hated the yankees, but now i almost want them to win for A-Rod.....and i love seeing A-rod knock 2 out of the park everyday.

Go Jazz!

Bill said...

I don't get why people hate on the Yankees so much, it's like rooting against Superman.

Fitz said...

I certainly don't hate the Yankees, they are probably my 2nd favorite AL team. If nothing else, I like them because they are the enemy of my enemy (The Sawks)

What I do hate is that they have one of the greatest players of all time in A-Rod and all the NY fans seem to do is bash him. This is coming from the same fanbase that worships Scott Brocius as if he were Jesus.

Shmorg said...

I don't like your NBA scenerio. I'm not a fan of the Heat and hope they lose in the first round. However I do hope the Cavs win out the East to play the Suns in the finals and watch Lebron light it up only to lose in 5 games to the Suns.

I don't hate the Yankees, I hate their fans (as well as Boston's fans). They don't appreciate the game they just want championship so they can say they are better than you.

I also hate how the Yankees/Sox is the biggest rivalry in baseball according to ESPN. I disagree with that 100%. Not saying that Cards/Cubs in bigger, but if you look at the stands it is always 60% home team fans and 40% away team. Not to mention this happens even when one or both teams suck. That doesn't happen with the Yankees or Sox suck.