Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Here are a few things that bother me.....

LOL. Seriously, when you type LOL are you really "laughing out loud"? I hope not, because the joke you just made sucked. Why do people use these abbreviations when they clearly are not doing what the abbreviations stand for? But it doesn't stop there. Kids are now using these abbreviations in school. Yes, you heard me. Students are substituting "to be" with "2b" and "for" with "4", among others. If I was their teacher each one would receive an F until they learned the English language. If I ever saw LOL in a paper I would wipe my ass with it in front of the class because that is all it is good for.

People who don't turn off their blinkers. Come on people, I'm trying to drive here. I would rather you not use your blinker at all then to keep it on for 20 miles. Plus you are such a bad drive that it looks like you want to get over, but haven't got the self-esteem to switch lanes. Because of you I want to go back to hand signals and kill the guy who invented the blinker.

Gas prices. Living in St. Louis for the majority of my life I never appreciated how low gas prices were compared to other cities. Now living in New York gas is about 30 cents more here. I wrote a "humorous" post about gas reaching $4. At the time $4 was not yet a reachable price for gas. But now $4 is right around the corner. Lucky for me I walk to work. Unfortunately for me when it's winter here (8 months out of the year) if I walk I would freeze so I have to drive.

These are just a few things that (in the words of Pauly Shore) "tweak my melon".


flyno20 said...

I agree with the blinkers, but disagree with LOL. I use LOL to insinuate i am joking, especially when texting or emailing, since it is hard to imply sarcasm when writing.

& d00d eye M ROTFLMAO!!!

Fitz said...


Shmorg said...

I hate you all.