Saturday, April 21, 2007

Home of the Original

The one thing Buffalo is famous for is, you guessed it, Buffalo Wings. Just like New York City has it's pizza, St. Louis has it's toasted ravioli, Chicago has it's hot dog's, and San Fransisco has it's Rice-a-roni, Buffalo has it's wings. Unlike those other cities, Buffalo can trace back the origins of the Buffalo wing.

Home of the Original belongs to the famous Anchor Bar located just north of the downtown. Now, the Buffalo wing is not a food one can fancy with. Across America you can get Buffalo Wings in every city that are basically the same thing. One buffalo wing taste just like the other. The one thing that changes is the sauce. The sauce is the signature of a restaurant's buffalo wings. Anchor Bar's sauce is what makes their wings the best I have ever had.

Ironically, their sauce is really one good with wings. A place like Buffalo Wild Wings has sauces that you can buy and are good with wings, fries, chips, a burger, etc. However, I bought a bottle of Anchor Bar's sauce and it just doesn't go with anything else. Maybe that is why they are so good with the wings. The perfect ingredient for the Buffalo Wing?

And they also have this great sandwich called Beef on a Weck. A much better roast beef sandwich than Lion's Choice or Arby's

When you come to Buffalo this restaurant is a must stop. Enjoy! and a word of advance hot sauce here is actually hot, so don't be a big boy and try to go with the suicide sauce you won't be able to taste food for a month after.


Fitz said...

Is a 'weck' some kind of fancy name for a bun? Lion's Choice is the bomb, but it costs about $15 to fill up there. Arby's is allright, actually, especially with the 5 for 5 deal.

My favorite wings are Hooters, because they are basically triple-fried. I was also surprised to find out that wings aren't as fatty as I thought they were.

flyno20 said...

My favorite wings come from Domino's. They are pretty hot and good. Wingers (i don't know if they are nationwide) also have good wings.

Arby's 5 for 5 deal is great

Bill said...

I've actuallly been to Buffalo (Tonowanda) twice, and Home of the Original zero times. Based on your recommendation I'll have to make it a priority if I make it there a third time.