Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Greatest Post of All Time.

-Yeah, so Jeff Weaver probably should have signed with St Louis, but I'm sure glad that he did not. Not to say that he would be doing better with the Cardinals, but you can't really do worse than he's doing right now. Last night, against THE ROYALS, he pitched only a third of an inning, and gave up 6 runs. His ERA now stands at 18.26, and he has pitched more than three innings in only one of his four starts.

-Discussion topic: What gaming console is the best of all time, taking it's time and limitations into account? I think it's probably the Super Nintendo, which was a monstrous jump over the original NES and much better than it's competitor in the Genesis. Honorable mention goes out to N64, which was also pretty great, but it just didn't have enough games for it. Outside of Goldeneye, Mario 64, and Ocarina of Time, it didn't have much of anything.


J. Whitewater said...

Mario Kart 64? Super Smash Brothers?

Give the N64 its due!

Fitz said...

In all fairness, I gave N64 the #2 spot. Those are certainly great games as well, but how many GREAT games did the n64 have? Hell, how many total games did the n64 have?

The n64 was undoubabtly the best 'party' console ever though. The multiplayer games were such a blast

CalvinPitt said...

Of the consoles I've actually owned, I'd probably rank the N64 first. I had 20 games for it, and there were only two (Mortal Kombat 4 and Earthworm Jim 3d) that I considered horrible. Every other game I could waste hours playing, so I'd say that's a pretty good sign.

I guess in terms of sheer numbers of games, the PS2 is probably up there, but I;ve never had one, so I don't really know how good it is. I heard a lot about them breaking down easily.

So I guess for me personally, it goes: N64, NES, Xbox.

Fitz said...

I can't say I ever understood the appeal of the original X-Box. I bought a 360 though.

The original NES was pretty amazing, but the market got flooded with a lot of REALLY bad games.

Shmorg said...

You have to give the crown to the original Nintendo. Think about the jump from Atari to Nintendo, it was also huge. Plus Nintendo started the whole thing. I still play nintendo to this day. Even with the advances in gaming, the original Zelda, Mario Brothers, and many more are just classics.
I think Metroid might have been my favorite game.
Plus the gun for Duck Hunt, the robot for Gyromite, those things were gret.

flyno20 said...

I would say N64 and then Super NES. N64 was completely awesome, although the lack of games was a small problem...also the controller is real weird.

SNES is great, and a huge jump over regular NES.

And I do agree with Fitz that the original NES was so overflooded with terrible games, games that were so hard to even control.

SO my list would go N64, SNES, PS2