Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Weekly Gazette

Shaq Traded To Suns- Shaq was traded to the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion and a no-name. But what ESPN didn't report was that it wasn't a trade between the basketball teams, but in fact, Shaq was transferred from the Miami Police Department to the Phoenix 5-O.

Bob Knight Resigns- The winningest (not a word, but ESPN used it) coach in NCAA basketball history has resigned as the Texas Tech Basketball Coach. There real reason behind the move is that Bob Knight plans on joining the presidential race as an independent. If someone has a problem with that he might throw a chair at you. Prepare yourself terrorist.

Super Tuesday- Speaking of presidential races, we had Super Tuesday this week. Apparently some counties in Texas didn't listen to the news when they stated who actually votes on Super Tuesday. People were flooding the polling places ready to vote. Thing is Texas does not vote on Super Tuesday.

Celebrity Rehab- We all know that Lindsay Lohan and Brit Brit love to go in and out of rehab. Some more A-listers have been checking in and out, Eve Mendes and Kirsten Dunst. Cool it's become the "hip" thing to do. Well, some major D-listers have now checked in. Pat O'Brien entered rehab thinking it would help him pick up some good story lines. Oh wait, he really does have a problem, let's not forget the infamous phone tapes. Delta Burke entered rehab, what? Who cares.

Tyra Poops Her Pants- That's all, she pooped her pants.

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flyno20 said...

I totally heard about that tyra story it was great