Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Death's on Vacation

We have all been busy, lazy, forgetful, whatever you want to call it. However, I refuse to let myself stop blogging all together. It is a fun hobby and when everybody is on their game it can get insanely entertaining. I think we all have to find a theme to help us stay on top of things and be able to updated this blog more often.

For the time being I will do weekly updates of the top new stories of the week. How do I choose the top news stories? By what I hear on Sportscenter and read on the gossip websites, that's how. It doesn't stop there though, I will correct all the poor reporting on those news stories.

Heath Ledger is dead? The guy was 28, one year too many to blame his death on the 27 curse. You know, the one that took Jimmi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, etc. Everyone and their mother have given their opinions about what a great actor he was. But earlier today we found out that Heath Ledger is not dead, but the person found was his Stunt Double. Sorry for the confusion.

Gaza Wall Bombed- Palestinians bombed the wall separating Gaza with Egypt allowing them to food. Israel cut off supplies into Gaza with hopes to weed out Hamas. However, it was Israel that bombed the wall in an effort to get all Hamas and Palestinians out of Gaza. Israel will now pull an all-nighter to fix the wall, thus, getting the Gaza strip back without forcing people out. Who said peaceful solutions were dead. Good Luck Egypt.

Johana Santana Trade Rumors- It seems that there are only 3 teams in the running- Yanks, Red Sox, and Mets. It has been reported that the Mets are the front runner. But in a stunning move the Twins traded Santana to the Tokyo Giants for fresh sushi for the next decade. Yummy!

Lil' Wayne Busted for Drugs- Who would have ever guessed a famous rapper is carrying drugs on his bus. Lil' Wayne was arrested on charges of possession. But a second test showed that the items were not drugs, but actually cooking ingredients. Apparently Lil' Wayne cancelled his Rap tour and now works for the Food Network. His new show is called "Lil' Foods" and is about cooking appetizers.

Marine Seen- Marine Cesar Laurean who is the leading suspect in the death of a pregnant Marine, Maria Lauterbach, was seen in a Mexico liquor store. The FBI has stated this evening that judging by the photos, Lauren has gained a considerable amount of weight probably from eating a lot of burritos and chimichangas. Therefore the FBI has left a trail of Taco Bell that ends at the steps of the FBI building in Washington, D.C.

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flyno20 said...

now that's funny, classic stuff. i am thinking i will get a post up monday or tuesday.

as for heath ledger, i never really disliked him but never loved him either. it sucks that he died, and now i am reading some places that they might delay the batman movie, which would suck much worse.

also, i would not be too surprised if it was suicide. but who knows