Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Era?

There have been rumors floating around that Jocketty and LaRussa are on the way out. I personally don't want to see either go, but if they do, Jocketty will be tougher to replace. Word is that Oquendo could step in as manager and if not him, several other former players or coaches could apply (just don't suggest Joe Torre, please!). I mean I can predict the move LaRussa will make about 95% of the time, so I'm sure Oquendo, or Tony Pena, or whoever could do the same.

The loss of Jocketty, on the other hand, could be damaging. Promoting an ownership yesman from within would suck. And ownership would be unlikely to shell out the cash to woo a quality GM. And even if they were willing, who is going to be out there. Brian Cashman would be a comical match with the notorious tight wallets. And if anyone utters "Steve Phillips", you will be banned from this blog.

Here's a sleeper pick for the next GM: Ozzie Smith. Before you accuse me of being a woman, think about it. Smith is one of the most knowledgable players in recent Cards history, but has stayed away from the team in the current era. Nobody is going to be Jocketty as well as Jocketty, so why not go with someone altogether different?

With that said, the best case scenario is WJ stays and convinces ownership to spend just a little more.


Fitz said...

First of all, before any comments are made, much respect to LaRussa, Jocketty, and Duncan.

I guess Keith, not really being in StL, hasn't heard stupid rumors like "Oquendo is the next manager, and Mike Matheny is the next pitching coach"...and Bo Hart is going to be the 3rd base coach, Stubby Clapp can be hitting coach, and So Taguchi can teach base running. Just because they are fan favorites doesn't make them good candidates, although Oquendo would make a fine manager, in StL or elsewhere.

If LaRussa leaves, I'd certainly be fine with Oquendo. Joe Girardi would also be an excellent candidate. Unfortunately, Duncan would probably leave as well.

Fitz said...

And, BTW, Jeff Luhnow is the assumed GM.


ZukeMorty said...

I am only half serious about Ozzie as GM, but I really don't want an inside guy. If Jocketty couldn't get ownership to spend a litte, Luhnow won't even try. And at least Jocketty can work wonders with a moderate budget. Luhnow can't. I will be sad if this happens.