Monday, May 21, 2007

Sports Stuff

-I'm really pissed about the NBA playoffs, because everyone is acting like the Suns got robbed. I've already expressed my opinion that the suspensions were fair and just, but it's not like the Suns took the Spurs to the closing minutes of game 7. If you lose in six games, you didn't get robbed. You lost. Badly.

-Has any 'superstar' athlete ever been let off the hook the way Steve Nash has? He's a two-time MVP, yet he's never even been to the NBA finals. He's got twice as many MVPs as Shaq does, yet he has 0% of the championships that Shaq has. Is it possible that NBA MVP voting just might be worthless?

-Yeah, so the Cardinals aren't so good, but at least we won the World Series last year. Lots of teams suck in MLB that didn't win the World Series last year, so we got that going for us. Besides, if Rolen and Edmonds ever start hitting again, I think it's still a pretty good team.

-Are Deron Williams/Carlos Boozer the new, less gay version of Stockton/Malone?


CalvinPitt said...

- Until they make the Finals two years in a row, Williams/Boozer are the less good version of Stockton/Malone. As for whether they're less gay, all I know is my mom really liked Stockton because he kept wearing the short NBA shorts, so probably Boozer/Williams are more gay.

- They debated the Nash thing on PTI today (briefly; it was a viewer mail question). Wilbon argued Nash didn't deserve blame because last year they were missing a key player (Amare), and this year Stern screwed them. Also, it's apparently relevant that Nash is a facilitator first, a scorer second.

I don't really buy those arguments, but I also think all MVP awards are worthless, and not really a good judge of a player, especially since the criteria are so vague.

- I know the Suns lost in 6, and Stern followed the rule as it's written, but I still think we (fans) got jobbed out of that series being all it could be. And I really hate that rule.

- And this might just be the worst Cardinals team I've ever payed attention to (since I wasn't watching the '95 team). And even last year's World Series hasn't really made me much less aggravated by the current sucking. It's just hard to watch this team shift between good pitching/crappy hitting and good hitting/crappy pitching.

Fitz said...

It's obviouslt difficult to watch this Cards team thus far. But it's only May, and even if they end up badly, how greedy can we be? Our team is the shit.

-The rule is shitty, but it was enforced correctly. You are completely right: Don't blame Stern, blame the retarded NBA owners.

-Trust me: KG won 1 MVP and failed to win a championship and he was practically crusified, but crappy-ass Nash hasn't done anything, ever, and he's still a hero. The thing that still hasn't been mentioned enough was that Nash and Dirk used to be on the same team and never once did shit. How valuble could either one be if combined they never went anywhere?