Saturday, May 5, 2007

Kentucky Derby

Horse races are cool. It's that simple. The adrenaline one gets from the short 2 minutes of a race can be the equivalent to draining the last second shot in game 7 of the NBA championship game.
I have never been to the Kentucky Derby. I'm not from Kentucky and I don't own a big hat*. However, I have been to a few different race tracks in my life. Each time I find myself placing bets and being immersed in the races. The great thing is a $2 bet can payoff big. It's very different than the casino where a $2 bet isn't going to get you much.

This year's Kentucky Derby seems to be wide open. They don't have a clear cut favorite, but two horses (Curlin and Street Sense) have the top odds. Betting on these guys my enlarge your wallet, but when you throw them into a trifecta or daily double (not Jeopardy) they can make your pocket a little fatter. The race is this evening around 6pm (eastern time) and in Buffalo they have off-track betting so I have placed a few bets on the race.

So if you don't mind root for Curlin, Street Sense, Scat Daddy, Stormello, and Tiago.
*I never understood why people where those huge hats. Maybe it was to keep the sun out of their eyes? I hope Queen Elizabeth wears one. That's right, the Queen will be there.

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